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We provide expert digital & IT solution to your company.

Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, ICT Solutions, Cyber Security, Cloud solutions and Home automation are our core services.

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    We integrate All Digital Technology for your Business Success

    Over 30 years of providing training and over 2 years of providing IT Solutions, with successful clients in UAE.

    Digital Marketing

    Web Design and Development

    ICT Solutions

    Cyber Security

    Cloud Solutions


    We Are Offering All Kinds of IT Solutions and Services


    The Digital Solutions from Zabtech are created to drive traffic and leads to your company’s website.


    Our Cloud Solution is delivering best computing services for your online business.


    Our ICT solutions is to help business owners to achieve their business goals through the technology by securing their online transformations.


    Our Home/Office automation leads you to experiencing a new journey in your fully automated smart home or office system.


    Our Cyber Security Solution is to help you to enable your business with intelligence and protect against from cyber threats.


    ZabTech offers best Digital marketing practical and theoretical training course.


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    Lift your business to new heights with our Digital marketing and IT  services

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    How We Work For Our Customers


    Lead generation

    We plan and execute a lead generation strategy that draws the right people closer to your brand. This process is all about choosing optimal messaging, targeting, SEO, SEM, etc


    Lead Capture

    Once we attract the right audiences , we will make sure your digital presence is optimized to drive sales conversions.


    Lead Nurturing

    The Lead Nurturing phase consists of providing your hard-earned leads with relevant, insightful content to drive them closer to your brand and persuade them to buy.


    Increase Profit

    All these efforts leads to increased business and there by increased profit.

    Our Digital Plans

    Web FixOne Time
    • Ensure website is SEO friendly
    • Check all performances
    • Mobile and tablet friendly
    • Support via E-mail and Phone
    SEO FixMonthly Package
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Monthly Website Audit
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Support via E-mail and Phone
    All in OneMonthly Package
    • Complete Web Fix
    • Complete Seo Fix
    • PPC Campaigns
    • Support via E-mail and Phone

    What do our Customers say?

    Zab-Tech is a well organized Digital marketing company based in Dubai, UAE. It brings the Brand face up and delivers to a brand’s marketing goals. It can integrate multiple pieces of content in a flow, that works for each level of the marketing funnel. I am extremely happy to associate with them for SEO, Google Ads, Social Media promotion etc.

    Abdur Rashid
    Marketing Head

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